Hi! I’m Ashley. Thanks for stopping by. I created this blog as place to share information with clients, family and friends. I am Realtor working in and around Snohomish County. While a lot of my posts will be real estate related, some will not. I want a place to share things that I find helpful, useful or just interesting & a place where people can get to know me better!

I am a Washington native that has lived here for 32 years. I love everything that Washington has to offer, even the rain. Which, I must say, we do not get a lot of,  but there are a lot of rumors. I have family on the Eastern side of the state, whom I lived with during summers growing up.  My first job was at the Burger Barn, across from Wapato Point when I was 13.

After I graduated from UW, and before making the move into real estate, I worked in Social Services in the non profit sector. Working mostly with at risk youth and young adults in the foster care system and homeless shelters, finishing at Cocoon House. After purchasing my home in 2009, I had thought about becoming a realtor but did not get my license until 2013.

Fitness is very important to me. I found yoga as a way to heal physically after breaking my femur in 2007, but soon recognized the mental benefits to it as well. I try to practice daily, whether in the the studio or at home.  I also teach yoga once a week at Hot Yoga Inc. in the Mill Creek Town  Center to help stay sane in this busy industry! So if you are around, come take class Tuesday at 6:00AM!

I love the Puget Sound area and I live in the city of Everett with my boyfriend Steve, my dog Crue and a cat Cash. If I am not working or taking a yoga class, you can most likely find me  camping, hiking, out with friends, in Eastern Washington, or relaxing at home.

Starting my career in real estate was the best decision that I could have made. I truly enjoy what I do and have fun doing it! Whether I am helping someone find their first home or sell their current home, everyday is exciting. I have been working in real estate for 3 years now and have never looked back.

I am new to the blogging world and welcome any tips, feedbacks, or ideas.

Thanks for visiting & check out ashleywigren.com!