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My Afternoon at The Lotus Lounge

After months of driving by & waiting for it it to open, I finally made it to The Lotus Lounge, an Asian Bistro and bar.  The restaurant serves sushi and other asian fare. I met a friend for a late lunch.  We ended up staying for a long time catching up, having excellent food, delicious drinks & great service.

The restaurant has two levels. Downstairs is for all ages. It is small downstairs. When my friend first arrived she didnt know that there was an upstairs and could not find me. The upstairs is the lounge area. Very open feel. There is bar that people can sit at. They have smaller tables looking over Silverlake. Also, there is a back room area with other tables, that could be easily be used for larger party if needed. Click here for their FB page.

The menu offers something for everyone. It was really hard for us to decide. My friend was a good sport & didn’t order anything with meat since I am a vegetarian.




We ordered the Jalepeno Bomb. This was like a jalepeno popper but a 100x better. I really like spicy food, but my friend doesn’t and we both enjoyed this very much. Make sure you order this when you go. You will not be disappointed.


We ordered the shrimp dumplings. The order came with 10. We ate every single one. They also have pork or chicken options as well.

Sushi Rolls

This is when our ordering really became difficult. Every roll sounded delicious. Next time I will try the Jessica Roll & the Una-Ju Bowl. While we were there we had:

Crunch Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll. Loved this one!

Double Shrimp Roll. This was my friend’s favorite.


I ordered the Dragon’s Kiss. Maybe more than 1, because it was so good. The drink had Prosecco, which is my favorite. I planned on trying a different drink on the menu but I liked this one so much, I stuck with it. My friend ordered the Asian Pear Martini. It had a very strong spiced flavor.

Grey Goose La Poire, pear nectar, St. George spiced pear liqueur with a lime twist.

Overall my experience was very positive. The service we had was outstanding. I am excited that this place opened up. I will definitely be going back to try more of the menu.  Below are some pictures that I took while we were there.


The side of the building.

Bar upstairs.

Room off to the side upstairs.

View from our table.

Lounge area upstairs.


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