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Snohomish County Housing Market Update for August

Snohomish County is still experiencing a hot real estate market. Sellers are in a great position to get top dollar for their homes. And we have buyers coming into the market place daily due to the low interest rates. We have seen more inventory come on in the higher priced homes in our area.  This summer is turning out to be one of the hottest real estate markets we have ever seen in our area!

See the infographic below for more information. If you have other questions or need more specific info just ask! You can text, email or call!


July Housing Market Update for Snohomish County

On a monthly basis, during this time of year we see more listings coming on the market than pending sales, and June didn’t disappoint.

Buyers: The increase in the number of new listings, coupled with fewer offers for each individual property,  means more choices and little breathing room for the backlog of buyers who have been waiting to buy a home.

Sellers: The sales activity remains at a frenzy level for new listings selling in the first 30 days, although slightly less intense for each property. Sellers need to be market-ready in order to get the best price.

Check out the infographic below for more information!

January Housing Update for Snohomish County

2016 set a new record for the best ever sales activity in our region! At the end of the year we saw a huge increase in the number of houses that were selling compared to the number of new listings that were coming on the market. Basically a mini surge. Most likely fueled by the increase in interest rates. Buyers wanted to get into a home before interest rates were raised.  The good news for buyers is that interest rates are still historically low. Which means they can get into a home at  good rate and stop renting. On the flip side, the good news for sellers is that there is a backlog of well qualified buyers just waiting to get into a home.  Sellers are still getting multiple offers on their property if they are priced correctly.  Ending 2016 and rolling into January 2017 here are some things that stood out to me:

  • 1 month of inventory
  • Interest rates at 4.05%
  • 68% more homes were sold than were listed in December
  • Backlog of buyers is creating a severe shortage of homes for sale in the more affordable price ranges

We will continue to see more listings come onto the market as we get closer to February. This will be just in time for the spring housing market rush.  Check out the infographic below for more information. If you want this information for any other county just let me know!!!

Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

With the arrival of the holiday season our schedules can become overloaded. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day. With that in mind, I wanted to create a blog about how we can make our home our sanctuary. So that when we do finally arrive home from  work, a party, a meeting,  we can relax and really just let the day go. As I was writing this blog and researching ideas, I kept coming back to a blog I had read on After some time, and a few drafts,  I realized that rather than creating my own list, this blog was perfect to share and had many more ideas than I had thought of. So please check out the full article written by Jessica featured on by clicking here. 


Here are just some of a few of the ideas presented in the article:

  • Flowers are incredibly soothing both visually and aromatically.
  • White candles add an air of calm and relaxation. Do stay away from the fragrant ones as they can often be overwhelmingly strong.
  • Lighting is so very important. Natural sunlight does wonders to one’s spirit.
  • Remove clutter. Clutter is distracting and immediately instills a sense of chaos and disorderliness.
  • Surround yourself with books and throw pillows and blankets.
  • Hardwood floors and soft area rugs can tie in furniture to help create a focal point and unity. Layering soft textures can create this effect as can fireplaces.



Take some time to sit back, relax & enjoy the holiday season.

August Housing Market Update for Snohomish County

Snohomish County is experiencing a housing market like we have never seen. Last month, was the best July ever in the Puget Sound real estate market. Not only was July great, but we have also seen a bump in inventory which has made the past 3 months of sales activity the best in history for our region! So  to all my friends and family this is why I have been so busy, just trying to keep up with the market. I am excited to see what August has in store!

Check out the infographic below and see what I am talking about. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • 1.1 Months of Supply
  • 74% of homes are selling within the first 30 days being active
  • Interest rates are at 3.36%


Snohomish_August2016 jpeg


The Home Buying Process

Deciding to purchase a home will be one of the biggest decisions that you will make. Part of deciding to purchase a home should include an understanding of the home buying process. Before you start interviewing brokers or lenders, having a basic understanding of what to except should help take some of the confusion out of it.


1.Find a Realtor

There is no shortage of relators out there right now! Chances are at least one person you know is a relator or wants to be. Joking aside, spend some time talking to a few different realtors before you pick one.  You can ask friends, family members, and co workers what they liked and did not like about their realtor.  Hopefully, they have someone they would love to refer your way. Make sure the realtor you pick understands the market that you are moving into, is ready to negotiate the best price for you, can explain the process, and most importantly, pick someone that you trust. You will be relying on your relator to guide you through one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, TRUST is key!


2. Find a Lender & Get Pre-approved

Your realtor will be able to give you referrals to lenders that they have worked with. They can also give you advice on what to ask lenders and maybe even lenders to avoid! Also, ask other family and friends about their lenders and get their opinions.


3. Find the House  & Make An Offer

Spend time looking at houses and really figuring out what you like. Do not let the pressure of the market we are in right now, push you into something that you do not really want.


4. Offer Accepted & Sent to Escrow

Getting your offer accepted is why you want a realtor you can trust. They will help you negotiate the best terms and price for you. Once your offer is accepted, your earnest money check will get deposited into escrow.  Earnest money is typically 1% of the purchase price. Escrow is a 3rd party who handles the transaction up until closing day, gathering documents from the sellers, the buyer’s and the lender.


5. Inspection

Do NOT skip the inspection. Typically you have anywhere from 1-10 days to have this done. Very important, pick an inspector that you can trust. Ask your relator, friends, and family for recommendations. Also, look at Yelp and other reviews online as well!


6. Appraisal

Your lender will send out an appraiser to assess the home’s value. The lender has to make sure it is worth the amount that they are lending to you. Think of this as the bank’s inspector.


7. Loan Docs to Escrow

After the appraisal, your lender will submit all of the loan documents to escrow.


8. Document Signing at Escrow

You will sign all of the documents for your home purchase at escrow. You can also sign remotely too!


9. Closing Day

Escrow will submit all of the documents to the county and get the recording numbers in. This is closing day! Your relator will give you the keys to your new home!



This list is very basic and the purpose is to give new home buyer’s an understanding of what the process looks like.  If you have any specific questions about any of these, please just ask!



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